About Us

BLC is a company comprised of individuals with over 30 years of experience in the new and used equipment finance field.

We provide equipment finance services throughout the United States.

Jennifer Berkis-Kemmerer


A Letter From Our President

Business Lease Consultants, Inc. was originally established in 1991 as an equipment leasing company. In the early years, BLC offered primarily lease contracts to help small businesses utilize the aggressive tax savings associated with leasing. As we expanded our services, and with tax law changes, BLC has come to offer both lease and finance programs to better serve our clients’ needs.

The representatives at Business Lease Consultants have extensive career histories in the equipment finance industry. Over the years BLC has grown and now has representatives that provide financing throughout the United States. Our people have a wealth of experience in many industries including Agriculture, Construction, Landscape, Logging, Rental Centers and so much more.

In 2019, Business Lease Consultants, Inc. rebranded as BLC Equipment Finance to let our customers and vendors know, we do it all.

BLC Equipment Finance is proud to provide lease and finance services to our customers and vendors, and we look forward to our future and continuing to “help your business grow!”

– Jennifer Berkis-Kemmerer

We have been assisting clients and vendors with leasing and financing services for more than 3 decades.

It's all about relationships.

Our philosophy is simple: It’s all about “Relationship”. Whether we are working with the end-user or the equipment dealer, we want to foster a relationship that will last. Many of our customers have been working with us since we first began in the industry.

Banks and finance companies come and go – we have remained consistent, offering our clients competitive financing programs for new and used equipment. We customize programs to suit our client’s cash flow and to help them keep up with their equipment needs. We package multiple purchases together to allow a customer to obtain lower payments. We work with our clients to help their businesses succeed.

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